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 An outdoor dimensional stability!

What makes cedar so great for outdoor use is its dimensional stability. Cedar easily takes to stains and paints, thus its much convenient capability of changes to match your home or property. 

Western Red Cedar is indeed an excellent choice for wood fencing because of its strength and exquisite natural character, as well as its exceptional transformable ability.


Perhaps one of the most attractive qualities of cedar is the fact that it is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. 

It is because of this unparalleled resistance that so many people choose to use cedar for their fences and home siding as well as for furniture, especially outdoor furniture and other garden items. 

Unlike many other woods, Cedar is an exceptionally light wood that does not shrink or warp.

KANTARA FENCE is fully equipped to ensure you with a professional wood fence of beautiful appearance in order to create the desired ambiance and neat environment for your enclosure. 

Be it a tall fence to shield your privacy and to provide you with security, or a small fence to divide your garden, isolate your droppings, or provide storage, KANTARA FENCE works with two aims in mind: